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Silicon Barbell Grips

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  • 5” LONG x 2” OUTER DIAMETER x 1” INNER DIAMETER - Perfectly fit to any fitness and strength training equipments as barbell, dumbbell, pull up bar, cable attachments or sometimes with kettlebell.
  • HIGH-END QUALITY MATERIAL - Our bar grips is made of high-density silicone rubber with laser engraved cross-hatching, which protects the barbell grips from compressing, slipping or causing hand fatigue & calluses.
  • BLUE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The unique design of the barbell grip puts your hand into a neutral grip position to reduce the wrists & elbow strain.
  • CHALLENGE ORDINARY EXERCISES: Practice with bar adapter will help double the effectiveness of your ordinary workouts, which result in bigger and stronger forearm, wrist, bicep & tricep muscles.

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