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High Pressure Air Power Drain Cleaner

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  • Comes with 4 sized suckers, the Toilet Plunger Blaster can be used for toilet, washbasin, bathtubs, shower, sink, squatting pan, floor drain, blocked pipes
  • The drain blaster uses the power of high-pressure compressed air to blast away the toughest clogs in your drains in just seconds.Just pump the drain blaster and squeeze the trigger, the clog is cleared instantly. Much faster than traditional plungers and snake and No more wasting time on drain openers.
  • High pressure air power, Unlogs Toilet Plunger Set can deal with various blockages caused by all sorts of rubbish such as hair, cloth, tea, leaves, grease,oil dirties and so on.
  • ABS gun body, natural rubber blocked head. A natural rubber that is tough and durable for our drain blaster

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