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DIY Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

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  • Preparation: clean the damaged alloy wheel with Alcohol prep pad and remove rough edges and unevenest around the damaged area.
  • Confirm the repair area. If it is slightly damaged, use wet sandpaper to accommodate the outlines to repaired surface, and lacquer repair area with alloy silver.
  • If the damage area is large or with dents. Then use the repair adhesive: press out the needed repair adhesive to a mat. Mix 2 components to a consistent grey mass with spatula provided. (Finish the mixing within2-4mins)
  • Repair: Fill with the mixed adhesive to overflow the damaged area.Allow it dry for 15mins.Accommodate the outlines: use wet sandpaper to accommodate theoutlines to repaired surface. If necessary, please repeat step 3 & 4.
  • Lacquering: clean the repair area and apply a thin layer of lacquer by brush. Skin time of lacquer should be at least 12 hours before using thecar, and full cure will takes 3 days.

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