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Ceramic Water Purifier

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filtered water or tap water flexible switching;
Built-in nano-metal clusters, long-bacteria filter is not easy;
rotary tangential inlet design, easy to plug;
You can use repeatedly clearing brush, no secondary pollution.
Environmental Water Guardian: 99.9% filtration sediment, rust, moss, bloodworms, chlorine, water, yellow and other harmful substances. Secondary pollution of water, waterways with sediment, water pipes with rust, sink with moss (including sediment, rust, moss, with fire can not afford, and bring some human diseases).
Water quality problems of modern city tap water has been a problem the people concerned, careful people will find that when we brush up every morning, I noticed the water with a bleach taste when boiling water, found the pot there is layer scale. Faucet at home clogged, water is often yellow and other phenomena, usually for vegetables, cooking, drinking, on human health is extremely unfavorable. Therefore, we suggest that you use environmentally friendly water guards, clean water to drink. So our body a great help to invade the human body chlorine in water?
The most convenient to use the best water purifier!

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