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Breath Ketone Tester

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  • A Great Portable Ketone Breath Tester designed to carry around anywhere & make sure you are in ketosis at all times.
  • Know if you are in ketosis with just a breath! Can be used as an excellent, painless low cost alternative to monitor ketosis in Ketogenic, Paleo and Atkin's diets
  • A reading of 0.1g/L or more indicates a ketosis state. (Make sure you do not take alcohol for 12 hours before measuring for ketones) Cheaper than using Ketostix or blood test kits.
  • Urine test kits will not work after you are fully ketoadapted,as ketone body utilization will be at maximum and no ketone bodies will appear in the urine.
  • This is a great indirect way to monitor ketosis.

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