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Bicycle Tail Rear Light Wireless Remote Control

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  • 3 IN 1 Combination: This is a good combination of bright taillight + intelligent remote alarm + electric bell to protect your bike from theft. All operations by remote control to complete.Like cicada-like shape is very good hidden in the seat under the bracket.small and beautiful light, light weight and waterproof, so you won’t worry if your bike are outdoor.
  • Driving bell / COB light source: 120 db bell sound crisp and bright with COB bright light source to simultaneously alert the front and rear, designed to protect you and others safe.In addition to that any movement of the bike and it will have warning beeps,If continue to move the bike, it will issue a harsh alarm sound to scare the thieves.
  • A key search / smart alarm: wireless remote control stable and accurate, car-level anti-theft system to complete a key control, for your bike to provide a full range of protection.
  • USB charging / battery energy saving and durable: 2-3 hours of charging, standby more than 30 days, 15-20 days of normal work. A6 provide a long-term protection of your safety.

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