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2 Pairs Thermoforming Tooth Whitening Mouth Guard

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  • Protects your teeth during sleep as an anti grinding night guard, protects while playing sports or can be used to whiten your teeth.
  • CUSTOM FIT ADAPTIVE MATERIAL- Each mouth guard is easily trimmed to fit any mouth size. Can be adapted to fit a wide variety of teeth alignments, tooth sizes & mouth shapes for optimal comfort
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY and COMFORT- Mouth guards are made from high quality, long-lasting, hygienic, odor free and taste and bpa free polyvinyl material ... each dental guard lasts 12 months or longer when used daily for bruxism or clenching, or as an athletic protector or as teeth whitening trays
  • PRECISION TIGHT FIT- Each of the 3 multi-use mouth guards are moldable to ensure a precise fit for guaranteed retention and comfort

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