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Car Electric Snow Melter

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HEATING ELEMENT - The Electric Snow Melter has a built-in heating element that quickly melts snow. The Electric Snow Melter tool heats and clears away stubborn ice quickly and easily. In fact, clearing your car windows with this tool will make driving in the wintertime so much safer, because it helps clear those potentially dangerous "blind spots" that can impede your view. The Electric Snow Melter works quicker than using anti freeze.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN - The Electric Snow Melter has a built-in rubber squeegee to wipe away the excess water, leaving a clear, unobstructed view without scratching the window.

CONVENIENT - The Electric Snow Melter provides a better, easier and more convenient solution. This Electric Snow Melter gadget can be your ideal Christmas gift or just a casual gift to your friends living on snowy and wintry place.

HIGH QUALITY - The Electric Snow Melter is made from high quality and eco-friendly materials. The Electric Snow Melter is incredibly sturdy, durable, frost proof, and lightweight. With the Electric Snow Melter, you don't have to worry about the product breaking for the entire winter season when using it as it is made with good high quality materials.

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